Private tuition

Private tuition is available at your home, workplace or at our studio.

Private tuition will ensure that the practice for your session is tailor-made to suit your requirements. Our teachers are happy to work on specific goals and help design a practice that will suit your requirements.

Our teachers can also help you understand how to put together a self-practice that you can do at your own convenience, adapting it to your personal circumstances. We offer workshops on this theme that can also be offered on a one-to-one basis.

Private tuition is designed to meet your individual needs. In a private session, it is possible to work at a deeper and more individual level than in the context of a group class. It is an ideal way to deepen an existing yoga practice, start a new practice in a gentle and personalised way or for those who might have specific requirements whether they are health related or other.

Our teachers offer different styles of yoga, some more dynamic, others gentle, as well as meditation and breathing techniques. We can offer Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar, Yin, Restorative, Pre and postnatal private sessions in the studios and our teachers also offer home visits.

Private Yoga Classes in Your Home

If you’d like to deepen your knowledge or work on specific areas then 1:1 tuition in your own home is a great way to accomplish your goals. Many of our teachers are happy to work with you on this basis.

Yves Bouvy – Iyengar Yoga Teacher offers 90 minute sessions for £75 (+ £5 travel) in the SW London area. Contact him on email here. 

Theresa Aldridge offers 1:1 tuition in Hatha, Pregnancy or Restorative Yoga from £50/hour in the SW London area. Find out more by visiting her website Yoga Ahimsa or contact her on email here.

Youla Faita offers 1:1 Vinyasa yoga sessions starting at £65 for 60minutes or 5 classes for £300. She offers lessons in Wandsworth Town, Putney, Richmond and Twickenham. Find out more on her website here or contact her on email here.

Yoga at work

We offer classes at the workplace. These can be offered on a one to one basis or for a group. You just need a space that can accommodate your group size, comfortable yoga clothes and your own yoga mat.

This will enable you to have a class that meets your requirements, without having to spend time getting to a dedicated yoga venue.

We also offer courses and workshops that are suitable for a work environment such as:

6-8 week beginners course
Stress management techniques
How to kick-start a mediation practice
A beginner’s guide to mindfulness
Chair and desk yoga
Tension release techniques
How to cultivate a self-practice
Restorative yoga for stress and tension release

For further information and a full list of our workplace workshops please contact us.

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