Do You See What I See?


Creating a studio takes vision… and a lot of hard work. Sure, there’s the dream that drives you forward but there’s also the plumbers and builders who can drive you somewhere else.


Seeing Yogiyoga come to life over the past few months has been terrifying and exhilarating all at once (aren’t all the best things in life?) and we’re so excited to be launching this week with our schedule of yoga and Pilates classes growing in the months to come. We hope that the SW18 community will come visit us, either dropping in for a class or just to say hello over the next few weeks to see the transformation of this space from convenience shop to Yoga studio!



Want to see the finished final AFTER shot? Why not join us for our Open Day on 01 October, 1-4pm in the afternoon, for some free taster sessions of our yoga classes, a special sound bath and some drinks and nibbles from boutique brands. We’ll be opening the bookings soon.

See you at the SW18 studio.

Yoga Mats in SW18 Yoga Studio


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