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Gentle Flow and Yoga Nidra

Gentle Flow classes use gentle sequences, combining movement and breath, to strengthen and energize the body, combined with longer held poses. Pranayama (breathing techniques) is practiced to release tension and improve the body’s flexibility and fluidity. The class focuses on balancing strength with flexibility and is suitable for all levels, including beginners. This class integrates a deeply relaxing guided relaxation at the end.


Vinyasa Flow

These classes incorporate dynamic flowing sequences that work with and honour the myofascial continuities, helping to create strength and fluidity, balance and alignment, as well as close attention to the breath, which acts in harmony with the asana practice. This is a strong and dynamic practice.


Hatha Flow

These classes combine a slow, strong and mindful flow with attention to breath and alignment in the postures. The class is suitable for all levels and ages, including absolute beginners..


Flow to Restore

Our “flow to restore” is the perfect mix of yin and yang; a class integrating meditation, a fluid moving practice topped by closing restorative postures. You will leave feeling as if you have moved, released tension, calmed your mind and restored.


Yoga Basics

For the complete beginner or for those wanting to explore alignment in more detail or deepen and further their knowledge. This class ‘breaks down’ key postures and teaches the use of props, as well as simple breathing practices.


Iyengar Yoga

An Iyengar yoga class aims to give students a fundamental knowledge of body alignment and good form in yoga poses. Clear instructions and a technical approach are a characteristic of Iyengar. The idea of using equipment in a yoga classes was invented by BKS Iyengar (1918-2014) and all styles of yoga practiced in the world today have benefited from his innovation. Equipment was introduced to smooth out anomalies in different body types and ability and challenge experienced students to go deeper. Equipment is also vital for recuperative and remedial classes.

An Iyengar class will be slightly slower paced if you are used to Ashtanga or Vinyasa Flow type classes but faster and more dynamic than other styles. Each class will consist of a range of all the different movements with a focus each week on a particular specific group of postures such as standing, seated, back extensions and recuperative. You will be encouraged to think about your body alignment and methods of good practice. Beginners will be supported to practice at there own level whilst experienced students can go further.


Yin Yoga

This session is all about letting go and creating an openness in your practise to enable you to go deep into your mind and body. Using nourishing pranayama (breath worth) techniques, we will hold a series of relaxing floor based Yin postures for lengthened periods (3-6 minutes each) to release tension, balance energy and encourage joint and muscular health for complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.


Release, Relax, Restore

This class focuses on releasing tension, unwinding stress both physically and mentally and restoring and replenishing both body and mind. It is perfect for those carrying tension, recovering from an injury or those just wishing to find space to unwind and relax. This class uses a mixture of techniques drawn from Restorative yoga, Yin yoga, meditation practices as well as breathing techniques, all combined to bring a sense of peace and deep relaxation. It is suitable for all abilities.


Meditation & Mindfulness

The meditation and mindfulness classes explore various traditions and techniques including conscious breathing, affirmations, mindfulness, relaxation therapy, visualisations and chakra clearing. Each week is centred around a theme which will prepare you for a calm, productive and joyful day ahead. So rise, take the time to live your life with intention by beginning your day with a morning meditation. The classes are suitable for all abilities.


Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal yoga and Pilates classes offer the opportunity to stay fit and active in a safe environment during pregnancy. The classes include gentle movement to release tension, aches and pains, as well as some more challenging postures to build stamina and strength, helping the body adapt to all the changes taking place physically and mentally. Breathing and meditation techniques will be included in our yoga classes to calm the nervous system, improve sleep and prepare for labour. These classes also provide a nurturing environment for expectant mothers, as well as an occasion to meet other mothers-to-be.

After pregnancy, the body has undergone many changes and it is important to get back to a yoga or Pilates practice gradually and progressively. Our postnatal sessions will focus on gently reintroducing the body to movement and physical exercise in a safe and caring environment. Babies are very welcome to all our postnatal classes!


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