30/09/2018 @ 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm
58c Allfarthing Ln
London SW18 2AJ
What is Fascia Workshop with Tracey Mellor @ YogiYoga | England | United Kingdom
‘What is Fascia workshop’- ‘this workshop will transform your understanding of how the body moves; it is a new paradigm.
  • To understand how a study of Fascial Anatomy completes our intellectual picture of how the body moves.
  • What Fascia is and why it has only recently been recognised as an important part of the body’s architecture.
  • How understanding the fascial connections of our bodywide web helps to inform movement.
  • How to apply this understanding to create a better movement class.
Workshop will include:
  • Definition of Fascial web Practical explanation of where to find the Fascial web in our body.
  • Introduction to myofascial connections.
  • Introduction to biotensegrity and why it is important. Introduction to fascial-fitness principals, that have been identified to reduce injury and enhance the health of our fascial web.
  • A Practical movement class incorporating all the principals discussed.
This workshop is suitable for yoga teachers, fitness and movement teachers and anyone interested in learning more about modern anatomy.
Cost £45 (early bird £40)