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Corporate Yoga, Pilates & Meditation

We offer yoga, pilates, meditation and mindfulness to corporates for the well-being of their employees. These can be offered as courses or as workshops. For a full list of our offering and costs, please email info@yogiyoga.co.uk.

Examples of workshops we can offer:

• Stress management techniques
• A beginner’s guide to mindfulness
• Tension release techniques
• Mindfulness: A practice of compassion
• Mindfulness: a practice of gratitude
• Mindfulness: the power of Sankalpa, working with affirmations
• Mindfulness: Identifying and accepting our emotions
• Mindfulness: The power of our thoughts
• A journey through the chakras (ideally over 8 months, but can also be done over 8 weeks)
• Pranayama: an introduction to breathwork
• How to cultivate a self practice: Surya Namaskar, exploring sun salutations

Yoga and Pilates in Wandsworth SW18.

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If you would like to get in touch, the best way to contact us is via email or via the contact form on our website. We will reply to your enquiry promptly.

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