yogiyoga corporate yoga & pilates

Corporate Yoga, Pilates & Meditation

We offer yoga, pilates, meditation and mindfulness to corporates for the well-being of their employees. These can be offered as courses or as workshops. For a full list of our offering and costs, please email info@yogiyoga.co.uk.

Examples of workshops we can offer:

• Stress management techniques
• A beginner’s guide to mindfulness
• Tension release techniques
• Mindfulness: A practice of compassion
• Mindfulness: a practice of gratitude
• Mindfulness: the power of Sankalpa, working with affirmations
• Mindfulness: Identifying and accepting our emotions
• Mindfulness: The power of our thoughts
• A journey through the chakras (ideally over 8 months, but can also be done over 8 weeks)
• Pranayama: an introduction to breathwork
• How to cultivate a self practice: Surya Namaskar, exploring sun salutations