New: Practice Online


We have come to the difficult decision of closing our studio temporarily. We will close until April 18th initially and revisit the plan, as events around us unfold.

The health and wellbeing of our clients and teachers are paramount and we feel that this is the right thing to do, given current circumstances. It will give us all some time to breathe, reflect and respond to the events around us, with more mental clarity.

We are not abandoning you. We have spent the last 9 months working on an online portal from which you can take classes with your favourite teachers. We are launching with 20 videos and adding content regularly. At the moment, we have different styles of yoga, mindfulness and meditation and will be adding Pilates very soon.  You are all eligible for a 7 day free trial. 

We are also around if you want to have online private sessions with your favourite teachers. Feel free to get in touch if you want any of their contact details. It is a very hard time for the self-employed and we would be very grateful if you could support our wonderful teachers and content in the knowledge that they can support your wellbeing and mental health through yoga, pilates and meditation during these challenging times.

We will be freezing all memberships on monthly plans and extending annual or 1 month only memberships, so that nobody looses out. We will be very flexible with extending your prepaid passes, to ensure that you can all use outstanding classes as soon as we re-open and in your own timeframe.

We thank you for your understanding and hope to be back on Allfarthing Lane very soon with you. We will miss you all during the next few weeks. Wishing you and your families love and good health during these troubling times.

Erika and the yogiyoga team

Class Schedule & Bookings

If you are experiencing any difficulties booking online, please contact the studio by email on, we may be able to offer some assistance.

Yogiyoga Code of Conduct

  • Please arrive punctually for your class. If you arrive late, you may not be allowed into class, as it may be disruptive to others. Your space may also be allocated to someone else on our waiting list.
  • Yogiyoga is a calm and still space. Please be mindful of others when entering the studio space.
  • Out of consideration for the next yogi/pilates student, mats are to be wiped after practice with spray and cloths provided. Thank you!
  • Yogiyoga is a mobile free zone. Please switch all mobile phones off to avoid disruption to others.
  • Please be mindful of your personal hygiene and the impact a lack of hygiene may have on others.
  • Our code of conduct and terms and conditions have been carefully designed to provide the best level of service and consideration for our customers and teachers and are there for a reason, to help us provide a calm and peaceful space for our growing business.
  • We promise to listen with respect to any reasonable requests and give them our full consideration. We will strive to answer queries and deal with any problems promptly, although this may not always be possible.
  • We respectfully ask that any dissatisfactions are directed to ourselves rather than discussed with other members, this helps us to maintain a mindful and happy studio!

    Teachers in Training

    Yogiyoga supports the growth and development of teachers in training. If you are a teacher in training and need to observe a class as part of your training, you are welcome to join. Please sign up and book your space on our website, as if you were attending the class. It will be up to the teacher running the class to decide whether they prefer for you to participate or observe.