Vinyasa Flow Sequencing: A Subtle Art

Standout Sequencing Do you sometimes feel like you're lacking that extra little bit that takes a class from basic to brilliant?  It is easy to run dry at times when it comes to being inspired for our sequencing and we may feel that we are becoming...

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6 Steps to Setting Successful Resolutions

As a yoga teacher and studio owner, I see a continuous pattern of good intentions being set each January, only to peter out within 6-8 weeks for many. There's usually an initial flurry of activity until the trigger event – a missed class or an unintended...

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Collect Moments Not Things

Jobs Fill Your Pockets, But What Fills Your Soul? I write this blog while on a break in Bali, in the early hours between 2 and 5am, when the jet-lag keeps me awake. I've been spending my days reconnecting with my own practice, eating healthy food, exploring the...

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Our True Nationality

Our true nationality is mankind.” ― H.G. Wells There is an ongoing discussion in the world of yoga on the image of yoga and it's acceptance of those that do not fit the general norm of what we perceive as the typical yogi. Instagram and the media are populated by...

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Cultivating Abundance

We think of suffering and happiness as separate. We seek the one and tend to resist the other without realising that they are just 2 sides to the same coin. If we did not experience sadness, we would have no comparison to make when we experience joy. Nothing is...

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Yogiyoga Turns One – A Year to Remember

The yogiyoga studio soon turns one As we approach the first anniversary of yogiyoga, I take time to ponder over the past year. It has been a whirlwind year whizzing by at incredible speed, deeply challenging, but at the same time incredibly gratifying. I have been...

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Remember to Remember

Last weekend, I picked up a book by Thich Nhat Than that I had read in the past and started to re-read the pages of "the miracle of mindfulness". The book opens with a conversation between the author and his friend Allen about the demands of family life. Allen has a...

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Are We There Yet? Slowing Down On and Off the Yoga Mat

are we there yet?" As we set off for our holidays, often the desire is just to get there, whether we are age 3 or 50. As we grow older, we learn to be more patient, but the trepidation of the destination is often still there in the same way. I often dream of a day...

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Why You Need to Start a Self Practice

A strong self-practice is essential for any serious yogi or yogini. Surprised to hear a yoga teacher (and studio owner!) encouraging you to practice on your own? Don't be - it's no different than the 'homework' we learn from in our school years. It's what engrains...

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To Be a Spiritual Warrior

To Be A Spiritual Warrior “To be a spiritual warrior, one must have a broken heart: without a broken heart and the sense of tenderness and vulnerability, your warrior-ship is untrustworthy.” Chogyam Trungpa   It feels as if the world is reeling at the moment and it...

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